A View of Education From Someone Who Has Lived It!

A View of Education From Someone Who Has Lived It!

These articles are perspectives on education from W. Kevin Ward. Kevin is a business man, former teacher and current business partner in education. Get insights into education you won't find other pl

We are condemning many of our young people to wandering and disillusionment!

Author's note: this article is primarily written to benefit our young people. Many of our young people are losing upwards of 10 years of potential. To

So you think, I can't think, I only do?

Authors note: The intent in writing this is not to promote one educational option over another. It is intended to bring a balance in what we present

Not in my local school!!!

So you think problems are in other peoples schools, really? As a person with a strong passion to see students succeed in learning and truly be ready

You Can't Teach That at my School......or Any Other for That Matter!

There is a great outcry from business and industry for "soft-skills," "work ethic," and "employability skills!" No doubt there is great need. The

Handicapping your children? A practical approach to giving your child an advantage!

You and your child are being given bad information! The current message you and your child are receiving is the best answer to every question about