Workforce Development and the New Generations

Workforce Development and the New Generations

Learn about workforce development and working with the new generations. Learn about growing your own workforce through strategic relationships.

Jim Steel on LinkedIn: "Thanks to ACE Electric in...

Thanks to ACE Electric in Valdosta Ga, we now have enough NEC Code books for all my students to prepare for the Electrical End Of Pathway test! CCHS ...

Construction Opportunities Soar - HB NEXT

Construction industry opportunities break decades of records. It has taken many years for the economy to rebound from the economic downward spiral of 2008. This job market is expected to propel even further with the latest hurricane disasters bringing even a greater demand for home, commercial building, and restoration to the marketplace. Take a look […]

Construction industry struggles with labor shortage

When looking at the changing skyline of Lehi and Pleasant Grove's technology corridors, or the cranes swinging across downtown Provo, one would think the construction industry is going...

Three Myths of Construction Workers: "Why we are not Second-Class Citizens"

"What do you do for work?" It's a ubiquitous ice-breaking question. My response has always referred to the fact that I work in the construction

Millennials your problem, really? They are your solution if you are prepared!

To know where to go from here, let's explore how we got here first. I will give you a snapshot of each of the current generations in the workforce